(Above) Joyce and Lexi practice walking by Jessica without going for Jess’s ankles. Joyce clicks and treats for Lexi looking ‘up’ toward the upper half of the passing human…OR for checking in with Joyce.

Saturday Reactive Class May 12, 2012 P1150204

Lexi practices the same with more ‘live bait’…this time, Nina.

Saturday Reactive Class May 12, 2012

Lexi’s got the idea!

Devlin is just starting out in Reactive Class. He is doing “Flower Design”…walking toward a person from behind and being called away, clicked and treated. It’s difficult at first, but he has lots of opportunity to practice it. He is distracted by the camera, by grass (which he wants to eat), and by his Dad, but by the second time around, he really doesn’t care much about the humans. The third time around, he was given the opportunity to sniff each person for three seconds (no interaction or response from the person), and then get called away for a reward. Devlin has a hard time when people look at him or if they move their hands around.

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