Vaccinations and Reactivity

Be Carefull Not To Over Vaccinate Your Dog!

The AAHA (American Animal Hospital Ass’n and the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Ass’n as well as all 28 veterinary medical schools in the USA have agreed upon standard recommended vaccination protocols.

There are basically core, noncore, and not recommended vaccines. Core vaccines are rabies, distemper and parvo.

Dogs should have 3 sets of pup shots plus a rabies shot at about 4 months, then a booster of all of those one year later. After that, rabies goes according to state (PA is 3 years) and no other vaccine is required by law. I personally titer my dogs yearly for distemper and parvo and give the 3 year vaccine for rabies.

Dr Jean Dodds, the foremost authority on vaccines and hematology in the USA, has written her own guidelines which many of us follow. She is an amazing woman that so many of us trust and have contacted. Here is her link:

ANY time you are giving your dog a vaccine (or your kid or cat or…), you should give Thuja before and after. This is a homeopathic remedy that helps negate the effects of the vaccine. Click here for more information on the product, which you can find at health food stores and at Wegmans

Here’s some info about its use:

I recognize this is a lot of info, so please feel free to ask questions!!!!!

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