Reactive Dog Webinar

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Evaluation of Reactive Dogs

This webinar aims to assist trainers and experienced dog owners in understanding the origins of reactivity in dogs. You can watch this program live or download and view on your own schedule.

Picture of Ali Brown in the pavilionTopics will include defining reactivity, discussing how reactivity starts, the role of genetics, socialization and stress physiology, and medical involvement. It then goes into a discussion of how ‘fixable’ is the dog, and the management of a reactive dog. Special attention is devoted to the first few days and weeks of treatment of the reactive dog, including setting up a helpful home and the role of nutrition, exercise and medications. We then review classical and operant conditioning, reward values, and which skills to teach the dog.

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Recorded: Monday, October 28, 2013 / 1pm

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The books and dvds featured here will help if you’re teaching the Reactive Dog Class or participating in one. Or have Ali Brown run a seminar to help students and trainers in your area deal with canine reactivity.