Ali Brown's Reactive Dog Seminar Video

Reactive Dog training seminar based on the book, Scaredy Dog!

Scaredy Dog! Seminar  DVD


A two hour program, including special instructions, video clips and images showing you how to help your reactive dog. Bonus DVD is shows scenes from actual reactive dog classes.

Cover of the Scaredy Dog! Seminar DVD Ali’s seminar in Phoenix Arizona was videotaped, edited, and narrated by Ali to help you understand how to handle your reactive dog in special situations. This seminar is based on the book Scaredy Dog! None of the video of reactive classes are duplicates of what you’ll find on the Reactive Dog Classes DVD.

Awesome DVDset for Dog Owners/Trainers!, April 24, 2007
Reviewer: Tami Hawes
Ali gives over 2 hours of information on how to train your reactive dog. Ali also shares on this 2 DVD set several of her reactive dog classes. See what a class is like and ask for one in your area. If you’re a trainer, see how someone else does it so that you can build your class.

Ali is confident enough to share in the DVD when she makes the mistake of not having a student put their dog away sooner when she realizes the dog is not paying attention to its owner. Ali doesn’t show you the perfect class but a ‘real’ class.

If you have a reactive dog, your dog wants you to see this DVD set. If you want more details, be sure to get Ali’s book with the same name that this was designed to support.

Scaredy Dog Seminar DVD back cover image
“This two DVD set is a companion to the book “Scaredy Dog! Understanding and Rehabilitating Your Reactive Dog.” It contains over two hours of instruction and an additional 45 minutes of video from actual reactive dog group classes, narrated by the author. This program will give the owners of reactive dogs the tools they need to improve their dog’s behavior and make it possible to get and keep their dog’s attention even in difficult situations. If you’re frustrated by your dog’s lunging, barking and growling in certain environments, even though he’s generally good natured, this program will make a big difference. All training is based on non-force positive methods.”

Sample Clips from the Scaredy Dog! Seminar DVD


Reactive Agility Indoors

Working Outdoors in Any Weather

Using Your Dog’s Name

Tricks Improve Focus

What You’ll Learn in This Video