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Scaredy Dog Book and Reactive Dog Classes DVD for only $39.95
Buy the book Scaredy Dog! and Ali’s DVD, Reactive Dog Classes for just $39.95. Save $10.00. Learn all about running effective and safe reactive dog classes. Make your secure purchase through PayPal.


Scaredy Dog Cover

Scaredy Dog! is Ali Brown’s concise, easy to read and easy to understand primer on Reactive Dogs. 148 pages, with 68 photographs and graphics to help you improve behavior and solve problems. $19.95

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Reactive Dog Classes DVD CoverNow just $29.95, this DVD shows effective training exercises which can be used informally by reactive dog owners, or in a formal class setting by trainers and students.

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Scaredy Dog Seminar DVD Cover

A two hour program, including special instructions, video clips and images showing you how to help your reactive dog. Bonus DVD is shows scenes from actual reactive dog classes.

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Focus Not Fear Cover

In Focus Not Fear you’ll get a glimpse inside the real lives of reactive dogs – their growth, successes and failures.

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How Many Dogs Cover

It takes a special person to share a house with more than two dogs. But living with multiple dogs doesn’t mean giving up all the other things you love to do, or devoting all your free time and your house to your dogs.

This book will help you maintain your sanity. Click here to learn more about How Many Dogs?!

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