(Above) Devlin pulls trying to get back to Dan (daddy) after a session in the pole barn.

The work in the pole barn allows two dogs to work on staying calm around each other while staying safe. Both handlers are conscious of the space needs of both dogs, and are rewarding their dogs for either looking calmly at the other dog, checking in with his owner on his own, or checking in on his owner when being called. It’s way more difficult for Buddy, who is inside the pole barn, than it was for Devlin, who walked around the outside. (Looks best in HD 720p. The engine sound you hear is the mower across the street behind camera’s point of view.)

Class is Heading to the Pole Barn

(Left) It was a hot day and Lexi the Min Pin was wilting in the heat, so we headed to the pole barn to work on having her pass by a man without going after his feet.

(Below) Matt and Dan graciously volunteered to walk by Lexi at a big enough distance that she not only couldn’t make contact but was able to look at the upper parts of their bodies instead of at their feet.

Heading back to the car after a session.

Heading back to car after a session.

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